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�Mr. Giraldo, why cycle across America? For what reason, for what purpose?� 

My motivations are numerous, simple and complex. As a sportsman, it is for the joy of the ride. As an adventurer, it is for the many gifts of discovery. As an author, it is for the experience that enables me to share the story with others.  As a student of anthropology, it is to quench my never-ending thirst for knowledge. As a history teacher, this crossing will grant me a better understanding of our American Journey. It will allow me to witness first-hand, the lives of ordinary and extraordinary Americans, as I travel across our majestic country. The most important reason of all belongs to the educator within me. To my former, present, and future students, I seek to deliver a lesson in commitment. I wish to teach about the value of establishing meaningful goals in life, preparing thoroughly, and working consistently towards achieving these goals. My intention is to prove to my students the astonishing power of ideas coupled with the raw force of human action. Ideas, by our hand, become realities. What we attain in life is in great measure a product of our own will and dedication. �We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not a single act, it is a habit.� � Aristotle.

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